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Moving house? Cancel council tax when moving

When moving house planning ahead will help it go smoothly, How to cancel council tax when moving house council tax is one of the things we will look at, But there are so many things to remember.  There are plenty of checklists online, which can be helpful.

These checklists usually include booking a removal van, changing the address with your banks, dentist and doctor, updating your driving license and many things you may not have considered.

The one thing I regularly see missed on these checklists is Council Tax. To me, knowing what to do with your Council Tax, including how to cancel council tax when moving house is very important. You don’t want to end up owing or overpaying tax on your old property.

Why do we pay Council Tax?Council Tax

The Council Tax you pay goes to your city council. Your local authority then uses the money to pay for local services. These include:

  • Maintenance of parks
  • local sports centres
  • Libraries
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Police
  • Fire


How is Council Tax calculated?Paying Council Tax

The amount of Council tax you pay depends on the value of your house, property size, the condition of the structure and the area in which you live. These are divided into eight bands from A to H. Properties in Band A pay the lowest amount of council tax, whereas those in Band H pay the highest.

Checking the tax band of your new property is easy; you can use your postcode on the government website here.


How much Council Tax will you pay when moving house?

To work out how much you will pay, you will need to know these three things first.

  1. The Valuation Tax band your property falls under.
  2. How much your local council charges for that band.
  3. Whether you are entitled to a discount such as you are living on your own.

The Maidstone Council Tax amounts for 2021/22 are as follows;

Band 2021/2022 Yearly Total
A £1,325.75
B £1,546.71
C £1,767.67
D £1,988.63
E £2,430.55
F £2,872.47
G £3,314.38
H £3,977.26


If you live in a parish, you may have to pay more

The Average Council Tax Value in Maidstone is £1616.62 a year

Who Has to Pay Council Tax? 

Regardless of whether you rent or you have bought a house, you will most likely have to pay Council Tax, though there are a few exceptions, including;

  1. If you are part of an apprentice scheme.
  2. Under the age of 18.
  3. A full-time student.
  4. You are moving into an armed forces property.
  5. Young men and women under 25 years old who receive financial help from the Skill Funding Agency or Young People’s Learning Agency.
  6. Student Nurses.

How to cancel Council Tax when moving house

Make sure to inform your Local Authority you are moving. This needs to be done about a month before you move. If you are moving to a different area, then you should contact both local authorities. You will find a council tax section on your local authority website this will include a moving home section. For Maidstone Borough Council this can be located here.

You will need to tell them where you are moving from, where you’re moving to and the date you are moving. You should then receive your final bill within the month of your moving date.

If you’re not sure who your new local authority is, you can find out here.

When do you Start Paying Council Tax when moving house? 

Council Tax is due from the first day you move in. This is why it is essential to start the process early to avoid delays. Do not wait for the new Local council to send you a notification; this could lead to a penalty for missed payments.

How to pay Council Tax when moving house

There are three main ways to pay your council tax.

  1. Pay the whole year upfront. This can be favourable as a reduction may be available for paying this way.
  2. Pay over ten monthly instalments. This is the most common method for paying council taxes.
  3. Pay over 12 monthly instalments. To use this method and spread your payments over a year, you would have to write to your Local authority and ask them to agree.

As I said initially, there are lots of things to remember when moving house, but writing a comprehensive list can remove some of the stress.

And though it may seem daunting, think ahead to when you’ve moved in and everything is ticked off the list. Imagine smiling to yourself because nothing can beat that feeling as you are about to embark on the incredible journey of turning your dream house into a beautiful home. Check out the latest houses on offer with Ben Siggins here!

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