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How to Change School When Moving House

How to Change School When Moving House

There are many things to consider when moving house. If you have children, then choosing a new school is one of the most important of these. And though the process may seem stressful with many methods to follow, it will make the procedure smoother if you plan and research.Moving house is an exciting time, though with many hoops to jump through, processes like changing school can seem daunting. But hopefully, the below information will help.

How to Apply to a New School

Applying for a school in the middle of the school year will be different depending on which school you choose. Each will have its own process for you to follow.

If you contact your new local council they will be able to clarify the criteria and process for your chosen school. You will either have to apply via the local authority or directly with the school.

As you will not be guaranteed your first school of choice, make a shortlist of desired schools in the area.

Once you have the list of schools, you can contact the offices to find out if they have any current subscriptions or if they’re oversubscribed. This will give you an idea if you’re likely to be offered a place.

Choosing a School

To help make a decision, you can check the Ofsted website  for schools in an area and its Ofsted Inspection Reports.

Ofsted Inspections

 Inspection reports are graded in the following 4 categories;

Grade 1: Outstanding

This means the school is providing the highest standard of education. A school rated this highly will not be regularly inspected unless concerns are raised.

Grade 2: Good

Good schools are meeting all the pupils’ educational needs. Good schools may receive a short, one-day inspection from Ofsted once every four years unless their performance falls.

Grade 3: Requires Improvement

Schools in this category will still provide an acceptable level of education but will have areas they need to approve. These schools will usually have another full inspection within two years.

Grade 4: Inadequate

This means the school is not providing an acceptable quality of education and will need to make immediate improvements.

You can use the current Inspection Reports to make an informed decision, but you could also contact the schools and ask to look around so you and your child/children can get a feel for the place. This may be easier to do as Covid restrictions continue to ease.

Maidstone Outstanding Schools

At the time of this blog (June 2021), Maidstone currently has 4 Primary Schools and 2 Secondary School’s Rated Outstanding by Ofsted. These are;



Other Things to Consider

You may need to provide the school or your new local authority proof of your new address. Usually, when applying for a school place, you can achieve this by using a utility bill. But if you are moving house, you need to start this process as soon as possible.

You can use the following as evidence when asked to do so.

  • A letter from the solicitor confirming the move date.
  • A copy of the lease agreement from the letting agent.

Whatever the reason for moving, changing schools, though it may seem disruptive at the time, can also provide children with an exciting opportunity to make new friends and have a fresh start.

And they will settle sooner than you think as you will in the new home.

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